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Common Queries

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How much do you charge for your teaching services?

We charge $20 per half an hour lesson. 

We recommend starting with half an hour lesson once a week for a beginner. As students advance on their instrument or want to learn more than one instrument, longer lesson is encouraged.

Where do you hold your lessons?

All lessons are held at our home studio (17 Young Street, St Thomas).

There is a waiting room for parents and siblings.

COVID-19 update: We offer both in-person and online lessons at this time. Please contact us to find out about  lesson options and our COVID-19 safety guidelines.

What if I have to Miss or Discontinue Lessons?

We understand that sometimes circumstances force a student to miss or stop lessons altogether. 

Even though there are no credits or refunds for missed/cancelled lessons, we try our best to find a solution that is suitable for both student and teacher. 

For more detailed explanation of Lesson Make-Up and Cancellation Policy, please refer to our Studio Policy.

How do I know if my child is ready to start music lessons?

There are a variety of factors that determine when a child is ready for music lessons. Child's ability to read, ability to concentrate and stay on task (at least 5 min at a time), fine motor skills development, and willingness and desire to learn are all key to a child's success in learning how to play an instrument.
Parental support  and involvement are also very important, particularly for the success of younger students. We encourage parents of the young students (ages 4 to 7) to be present at their lessons, so that they get a better idea of what and how their child needs to practice at home. Parents of older students are also welcome to sit in the lessons if they wish.

What performing opportunities do your students have?

Our students will have ample opportunities to perform. We host two studio recitals a year – one in December and one in May. Also, our voice and piano students will be able to participate in St Thomas Rotary Festival at the end of February.

We encourage students who take ‘band’ instruments (i.e. drums, guitars, keyboard, etc.) join their local bands or be a part of a worship team at the church they attend.

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