New RCM PianoSyllabus (2015)

Royal Conservatory of Music has published it's new Piano Syllabus in May 2015. Since most of our students follow RCM curriculum and participate in RCM exams, we thought it would be useful to mention the changes that took place.

The Collaborative Piano Blog has published a very comprehensive article on the topic. Here's the summary of it:

1. There are both book and online version of the syllabus. (You can access it by clicking on the link below)

2. A huge number of new selections have been chosen for the repertoire and etude books of the Celebration Series. About 75% of repertoire are new selections, including a significant number of Canadian and American composers.

3. All Celebration Series (2015) books come with a CD and a download code for the recordings.

4. Technical Requirements are streamlined. (You can download a useful chart of RCM 2015 Technical Requirements by clicking here)

5. Ear Training materials and requirements are revised. 

6. Revised Sight Reading materials and requirements. 

7. Online ear training is now available for each level of the Four Star books. There is a unique code that allows students access the online ear training content that corresponds to that level's ear training requirements. 

8. The substitution policy is expanded. 

9 There are small changes to the marking scheme for most levels. 

10 There is a cross-over policy that is in effect until August 31, 2016. (Follow this link for better explanation of the cross-over policy: RCM's official cross-over plan)

Ear Training - Free customizable online ear traning exercies, including melody and rhythm dictation. - Customizable, free online ear training exercises, as well as theory lessons. - Free online ear training exercises and lessons. Has a free iPad app.

Blob Chorus app - Fun game that is great for improving pitch recognition. Available for iOS (free) and Android (small fee).

Sight Reading

Piano Maestro app One of the best music apps out there! For iPad use only. Free for teachers and their students. 

Flashnote Derby app a fun way to learn and practice identifying music notes by name. Available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices. 

Simply Piano app - another great app created by JoyTunes. 

Rhythm Swing app - great app for practising rhythm reading.