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Spring Recital 2017 - Theme: "Timeless Classics"

Spring Recital of 2017 was featuring well known pieces ("Classics") ranging from nursery rhymes, folk tunes and old hymns to rock-n-roll music of the 60's, classical pieces and old movie music. It was a fun recital both for our students and our guests! It was also a great opportunity for our students to learn the popular tunes from their parents and grandparents youth.

Christmas Recital 2016 - Theme: "Christmas for Friends and Family"

We are continuing a great tradition that we started last Christmas - parents, siblings and friends making music together! Another fun recital under out belt!

Spring Recital 2016 - Theme: "Music of the 21st Century"

Spring Recital of 2016 was featuring the music of the contemporary composers. Our students not only prepared a great selection of the modern repertoire, but some of them also got to write to the composers of their pieces (and the composers wrote back)!
Some of the composers featured at the recital were Jennifer Euklund, Susan Paradis, Andrea Dow, and Daniel McFarlane. Our bands performed the music by the famous Christian artists.

Christmas Recital 2015 - Theme: "Friends and Family Christmas"

Christmas Recital of 2015 was very unique in that parents and siblings were performing alongside their children (our students)! Christmas is the time for family and friends to spend some time together. What can be more exciting than playing music together! The recital was such a success that we are thinking of making "Family and Friends Christmas" our yearly tradition.

Spring Recital 2015 - Theme: "At the Movies"

Spring Recital of 2015 featured the music from the movies. Our students got to walk the "red carpet" and even had their own "Walk of Fame Star"! And of course, the audience got to enjoy great selection of movie sound tracks and famous movie songs.

Christmas Recital 2014 - Theme: "Christmas Through the Ages"

Christmas Recital of 2014 featured a great variety of Christmas songs. Our audience got to "travel through the ages" and enjoy Christmas music all the way from the Middle Ages to the Christmas songs from the 21st century!